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Sri Lanka in the path of a declining state. Myanmar Military Junta invited to attend BEAMSTEC in Colombo.

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The Sri Lankan government through the Foreign Ministry has invited the Military Junta of Myanmar to attend the BEAMSTEC SUMMIT to be held in Colombo later this month.
This is a total disgrace for a Democratic and a THERAWADA BUDDHIST country to be calling a ruthless regime to attend a regional summit when they are accused of using live ammunition on peaceful demonstrators.
The Sri Lankan government is hunting independent journalists and web operators and wish to follow the Chinese model that is supporting the Military Junta in Myanmar.
The Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Dineah Gunawardena is a man who has not done anything worthwhile to the country but a puppet that sits in every government for his livelihood.
Therefore considering this act of the Sri Lankan government UNHCR and the International Community are requested to take serious action against the decision in accommodating an undemocratic state and legalisation of a Military Junta against the accepted norms of International law and relations



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