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Gota’s war with corona

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GOTA has lost the control of COVID 19. He basically thinks that this a terrorist and wants attack using the forces. All medical officers are trying to explain that this needs a different approach but GOTA is thinking in military action. Because of this the government is faced with multiple problems.
Medical staff are totally drained due to non availability of equipment and medicine. Hospital beds are running out only 500 ICU beds are available and all are full. Right now no Medical Professionals are allowed to be involved in COVID control. Army Commander, Defense Secretary and Health Secretary who is a army officer are taking decisions. The Nation is been addressed by the Army Commander and government decisions are communicated. This is now be coming a Military Regime.
WHO has provided 127 Mi US$ to purchase urgent health equipment in March 2020 and knowing the Rajapaksha regime has instructed to make the purchase and WHO will do the payment directly but Rajapaksha wants the money as usual and no medication or equipment have been purchased. Country is running out of very urgent medicines for many hospitals.
It’s noted that very soon the health system of the country will collapse and the virus will run all over without control. This situation was informed by the opposition on many occasions in the PARLIAMENT but it was received with humiliation by the Government.
If  the health service will take a decision to withdraw that will be deadly. They demand a complete lock down but the Government is not willing due to various factors and don’t want to give the control to the Doctors to be more practical. They think that government will have to provide assistance by way of cash or food.
Further the Chinese government is concerned about the lock down and has strongly advised that no such action should be taken because over 10,000 Chinese are working all over Sri Lanka in different projects and they will have a problem in finding food and transport. After receiving bribes from China Rajapaksha family is totally bound to follow the orders of the Chinese government at the cost of the lives of our children and people.
If a complete Lock down and stringent measures are not taken the country will be facing 30/40 deaths per day. With 69 Million votes and 2/3 majority in Parliament and an all powerful Presidency in hand the government is faced with a miserable situation.
In Buddhism this is called දිට්ටදම්මවේදනීය කර්මය  “DITTADARMA WEDI KARAMA” or you pay for your own sins in your current life. Power gained over dead will also end over dead.

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