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Sudharma Netthikumar’s “Three breaths” (Thun hulase) pet revealed to be police minister Tiran Alas.

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During the judicial investigation based on the death of 41 year old woman, R. Rajakumari, who was arrested by the Welikada police on the 11th, it was revealed that her name wasn’t mentioned in book of the list of suspects arrested by the Welikada police.

It is said that the arrested people’s names along with the meals given to them are recorded in the book. Thus, there is a suspicion that Rajakumari was arrested by the police without a complaint but, she was arrested for allegedly stealing a gold ring from the house of a film producer named Sudharma Netthikumara.

In the court inquiry, her husband, Selladure Yesurasa (Rajakumari’s husband) testified that his wife was brutally beaten by the police. He also stated that he when he identified her body, he witnessed bruises and marks on his dead wife’s body. Furthermore he also has stated that his wife had called while she was kept in custody and told that she was been beaten by the police and that it’s unbearable.

The Welikada police has informed Yesurasa on the 12th that his wife, R. Rajakumari who was arrested on the 11th has passed away.

The owner of the stolen ring, Sudharma Netthikumara has a lot of connections with powerful ministers of this country. In 2013, 23 policemen who raised the Borella Salaka Regino Casino, which was owned by her were given transfers within 24 hours. Back then her secret lover was Military Nandasena’s close inmate Honey Hula (Pani hula) AKA Lakshman Hulugalla. In another incident, she had her lawfully wedded husband under house arrest with the help of Avant Garde’s Major General who deployed his guards.

Sudharma Netthikumara who is a famous prostitute doesn’t care about the current government. She deals with powerful ministers of the government. Any wild minister who enjoys with her in bed will stand unconditionally for her. At present, her pet is the Minister of Law and Order, Tiran Alas.

When the police went to take a statement from Sudharma Netthikumara regarding the death of Rajakumari, she had made a phone call to Tiran Alas saying that brother the police are here trying to get an answer from me. At that moment Tiran Alas has contacted the police team and instructed them to only write what she states and not to force answers and influence her. Thereafter Sudharma Netthikumara has given her oral statement while Tiran Alas was listening on the phone. This is how Tiran Alas, who brags about suppression of the underworld is cuddling with the royal courtesans.

It is nonsense to think that such vulgar Ministers who put the self respect of the police down the drain are protecting the law and order of the country. The law of this country is not important as the “three breaths” of the prostitute.

The police in this country also show their lion powers only to innocent citizens who are unable to do anything.

In the illegal intervention of a powerful politician in the government, the Inspector General of police behaves like a cowardly dog who wags his tail. What more can we expect from the police officers in lower positions?

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