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27 th November 2020.
Presently much renowned Senior ASP of the CID Shani Abeysekara is in custody. It is hilarious to find
that he is COVID infected because he was in solitary confinement. If this is true the prison authorities are
responsible for such debacle because COVID can’t fly and catch Shani.
However Shani was the Sri Lankan version of Shylock Holms. His investigations were unique he never
relied on confessions, he always believed evidence that could never be disputed the dead never spoke
so to him every drop of blood, every finger print, every paper, every letter was evidence. All his
investigations were focused on criminals that included the Elite Businessmen, Politicians, Police officers
and the Citizens. For him every one was equal, there was no exemption no reasons for deviations. Never
fell down in front of pressure or money his only hope was to find the truth and that too with solid
evidence. Many local and international investigators have been his students.
During the Easter Attack Commission hearing he wanted to make a confidential statement without
media. This shows his level of investigation and the extent he has taken the investigation. This has made
his life vulnerable, many want him dead.
The first act of Gotabaya after assuming office was to attack Shani and charge him baselessly for
revenge. The present plot is to infect him with COVID and show that his death was due to the infection.
Gotabaya and his obedient servant Maj Gen Salle who was instrumental in the Easter Attack wants him
dead and that will destroy all evidence.
With his death Gotabaya can get a lot of his criminals out of prison including some high profile
individuals in the death row. These criminals are needed to be in the loose for Gotabaya and Mahinda to
eliminate certain Opposition Politicians and key personalities.
Right now Shani has suffered a Heart Attack and the final aim is to take his life. Rajapaksha is planning to
take the police Department back to the per2015 era.
Now the need of the hour is for the International Community to unite with the democratic Forces within
Sri Lanka and move for a change.

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