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Rajkumari’s death is ruled a murder

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The Colombo Additional Magistrate has ruled that the mysterious death

of Rajkumari, who died in police custody after being arrested by the

Welikada Police, was an unlawful homicide.

Additional Magistrate also ordered that all the parties involved in

Rajkumari’s murder to be arrested and produced before the court.

Facts were revealed that Rajkumari was beaten by the Welikada police

while in police custody and the police tried hard to cover the matter.

However due to the intervention of a group of Sri Lankan lawyers who

came forward to do justice to her death, the court paid attention to

the murder.

According to the reports, Rajkumari died due to the trauma caused by

the damage to the muscles, assaulted by a blunt weapon or similar

force which caused internal bleeding into the body.

As soon as Rajkumari was arrested  the media reported that the

Welikada police filed a complaint against Sudharma Nethikumar where

Rajkumari worked as a domestic helper.

It is said that the police brutally assaulted Rajkumari because of the

strange relationship between Sudharma Netthikumara and Law and Order

Minister Tiran Alas.

However, the police officers who assaulted an innocent woman to win

favors from the minister are now to be arrested. We are waiting to see

if those police officers will be allowed to be freed from this murder

with the privileges they received from the minister.

It is a good lesson for the police officers who lick the arses of the ministers.

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