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Tomorrow’s politics in this country will be full of knots from inside and outside

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MP Nimal Lansa is building a new party to support the President with a

group of independent members of the Podujana Peramuna and with the

opposition. It is said that a large number of MPs of Podujana Peramuna

have already contacted MP Nimal Lansa of their adherence. MP Anura

Yapa is expected to be appointed as the chairman of this party. It is

also revealed that the party’s future campaign activities are being

carried out by Siripala Amarasinghe and Military Nandasena’s private

secretary Sugeeswara Bandara. Siripala Amarasinghe is negotiating to

involve the local politicians who were associated with the Podujana

Peramuna to the new party. Siripala Amarasinghe did all the

organizational work from the back office during the establishment of

the Podujana Peramuna.

It has been reported that Basil Rajapaksa has become uneasy about the

crisis that has arisen in the Podujana Peramuna. He has discussed

about this with the President to resolve the crisis, but the President

has not paid any attention to it.

Many MPs representing Podujana Peramuna who are connected to Nimal

Lansa’s party are not happy about Namal Rajapaksa MP. Their opinion is

that the party politics of the Rajapaksa’s is now over.

In the midst of this incident, it has been revealed that Namal

Rajapaksa MP is planning to join the opposition in the Parliament with

a group of pro Rajapaksa seniors with the Podujana Peramuna who are

currently not given ministerial positions. The plan of MP Namal

Rajapakse is to acquire the opposition leadership. But we have doubts

about whether that expectation will be fulfilled. However there is not

a good picture of Namal Rajapaksa among the MPs currently representing

the opposition.

Lankadawasa has also heard that members of the Namal Rajapakse party

are secretly planning to launch a mudsling against the group of

parliamentarians, including Nimal Lansa, who is supporting the


But this is the last hour of Namal Rajapaksa MP’s devious politics.

Our opinion is that he will become a joker in the political landscape

of this country in the near future.

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