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Police Minister Tiran Alas preaches on the poya day at Hikkaduwa

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The monks of this country celebrated Vas Pehevas on the last day of Esala Poya. This means the 4th of August.

On that day, police minister Tiran Alas came to Hikkaduwa at high speed without anyone knowing. The famous temple located near Hikkaduwa is Seenigama temple. But on this poya day, Tiran Alas didn’t come to pay his respect at the Seenigama temple or to listen to the sermon of the monks who have celebrated the funeral.

He came to the tourist resort owned by police coordination ASP Gunarathne of his Ministry. ASP Gunarathne worked as a Police station commander in Hikkaduwa formerly. He was the owner of this tourist resort since those days. Former senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Lalith Jayasinghe also has a similar tourist resort. Former president of Rathgama local council gave the land on which the tourist resort was built to the Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police. 

ASP Gunarathne also made a detour as the Hikadduwa police station owner and became the owner of a tourist resort. Police minister Tiran Alas came to ASP Gunarathne’s resort on poya day for a relic pilgrimage. A beautiful girl was also there to worship the minister and the relics.

ASP Gunarathne will have the great honour if the great relic worship of the police minister that happened on poya day. It is also true that he gets to enjoy all the privileges and facilities of the police beacuse of that charity. No one should be jealous of it. There is a saying that the people who have will eat, drink and be happy and those who doesn’t have will bark and stay sad. In the same way everyone should also think that the police minister doesn’t have a wax torch. We are indeed happy that a worshiper like Minister Tiran Alas, who preached and worshipped the relics on Esala Poya day, is protecting the law and order in this country.

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