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Magistrate quits trial as Labor Ministry secretary ignores court orders

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It is reported that the Horana Magistrate has informed the Judicial Service Commission that he will not summon the case pending in the court against the former Labor Commissioner General and current Labor Ministry Secretary R.A.P Wimalaweera and another former Labor Commissioner.

A case has been filed against these two defendants for exerting influence in a case assigned regarding the death of five people in an accident in a factory in Horana area. On July 24th, the Horana Magistrate convicted the second defendant in this case, the current labour Ministry Secretary R.A.P. Wimalaweera, ordered to be presented to the court and the order must be implemented by the IGP within seven days.

But it is revealed that the Magistrate has informed the Judicial Commission in writing that he is withdrawing from the trial because the police did not implement the order and he has informed the Judicial Commission that he is free to withdraw from the case. Meanwhile, the Panadura High Court has also ordered the Secretary of the Ministry of Labor to surrender to the court, but he has not yet surrendered to the said court.

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