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How naked the 2024 tax racket

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These days, three senior female officials of the Inland RevenueDepartment has engaging in a strange performance by introducing a program called “Tax file for everyone from the beginning of next year” based on political needs. They have been given the opportunity for this by the Hapuarachchi of “No Action Dasa” who is the Commissioner General.

The three female officials have prepared a list of expenses of 192 million rupees to open new tax files and have forwarded it to the Ministry of Finance for approval. The leader of the team is also aiming for the commissioner General Chair, so this is an opportunity to show the world that she has a vision. Everyone knows that S. Chandrasekere, the leader of the new tax filing group, who does not have much educational qualifications, is working for the people and not capable of working with a clear understanding for the purposes of the department. Rumors are on rife that she was appointed as the new tax file chief as a result of a deliberate attempt by the current TaxGeneral to marginalize her.

The other gang leader, who is currently managing the department’s human resources, has a history of fiddling with tax files. No wonder she needs to be taught how to easily earn money by canceling a new tax Lile as soon as she opens it. Presently, the incomplete data system is also providing facilities for it. Nandakanti Talaramba has no qualifications in human resource management. But the art of opening tax files while scaring innocent

people would suit her wonderfully. The other person who joined this gang a few months ago on the basis of seniority is Rukdevi Fernando. Since she has no one to work with and who is only responsible for getting scholarships, she supports the tax filing group because she has no knowledge, but because she doesn’t know what else to do.

These three are trying not to open new tax files but to fill their bellies by listing many outdated tax methods such as advertising, printing pamphlets, fuel for vehicles, holding workshops and writing whatever amount comes to their mind. What needs to be done at this time is not to open a million new tax files, but to collect taxes from top thieves who do not pay taxes and not to harass the little man.

The IMF, which works closely with the Inland Revenue Department, also clearly states that other activities should be stopped and efforts should be made to collect taxes promptly from the highest income earners who do not pay taxes.

We do not know when the idiotic people of the country will understand that the purpose of the “2024 tax for all policy” is to tax everyone except the elite capitalists

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