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Will the two Appellate Court judges who hides under the leaf and kicks in the ass make Deshabandu Thennakoon the “future Inspector General of Police?”

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The ruling on the petition submitted by Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Deshabandu Thennakoon to the court of Appeal to nullify the case assigned to the Magistrate’s court in accordance with a personal complaint made against him regarding the sum of one crore and seventy lakhs found in the presidential house at the time of the protests held by the people was postponed till the 26th Monday.

Ruling on the petition submitted by Senior DIG Deshabandu Thennakoon to the Court of Appeal to disregard the letter sent by the Attorney General to the Criminal Investigation Department to take action against Deshabandu Thennakoon for the dereliction of duty on the 9th of May last year at Galle face was adjourned till next Monday. 

These writ petitions were examined by the Judges Marikkar and Karunaratne of the Court of Appeal.

IGP C.D Wickramarathne’s service extension ends on monday. At present, there is a social discourse which has emerged regarding the next Inspector General of Police. The three Senior Police officers next in line for the post are Inspector General of Police Nilantha Jayawardene, Inspector General of Police Patinayake and Inspector General of Police, Deshabandu Thennakoon. All three of these senior DIG’s are accused of not preventing the Easter bomb attacks. In addition, a case has also been filed against Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Deshabandu Thennakoon for dereliction of duty during the Galle face attack last year at the time of the protests and also a case of misconduct in connection with a stock of money found in the President’s House. 

It is also reported that recently the Law and Order Minister Tiran Alas and Minister Prasanna Ranathunga have been pressuring the president Ranil Rajapaksha to appoint Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Deshabandu Thennakoon as the new Inspector General of Police.

When Minister Tiran Alas was questioned in a media conference regarding the illegal transfer to the East of Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Ajith Rohana, he stated that the sudden transfer was given due to an issue in duties. Furthermore, when there were serious allegations and cases against Senior DIG Deshabandu Thennakoon, and when the media asked about how he could be the senior DIG of the Western province, the minister had said that they were just unconfirmed allegations.

Now, one who has knowledge can understand everything. Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Deshabandu Thennakoon is under the shadow of the minister of Law and Order. When questioned about the rapid growth of the underworld activities taking place in the Western and Southern provinces, the Minister of Law and Order had stated that the weaknesses of the police station commanders and senior police officers is the reason behind it.

There is no police officer in the Police department who doesn’t know about the underworld corruption of Deshabandu Thennakoon. Now, the question is whether National intelligence service minister knows about this or not. Either he knows everything and puts a baby act or he is not well aware of it. It was also reported to the Easter attacks presidential Commission that Deshabandu Thennakoon had pressured a Police sergeant to release a lorry which carried the Easter bombs when he went to check it at the Bandaragama expressway entrance. The National intelligence service reports have also mentioned endlessly about Deshabandu Thennakoon’s connections with the underworld. 

It is clear to us that minister Tiran Alas is involved in a political conspiracy to appoint Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Deshabandu Thennakoon as the General of Police in this country. The shape of this conspiracy is still hard to explain.. Tiran Alas is not an easy person.. is there garbage in his bag?? Although he tries to act as a holy person at present we remember how he took the extortion money from the Rajapaksha’s to the LTTE and also how he deposited the deed of the same land into the bank twice to take loans. Tiran Alas’s newspaper business is running at a loss. There can be many hidden issues in doing a business at loss. 

We also have a doubt whether Tiran Alas, who distributes and goes on with an unprofitable newspaper business which is not even being sold to distribute drugs all over the country under cover. If not, we don’t know whether he has the heart to start such a business. Such smuggling can be carried out without any problem only by making a smuggler like Deshabandu Thennakoon the Inspector General of Police. We feel that Tiran Alas is unconditionally committed to that. 

Minister Prasanna Ranathunga is the other one who is struggling to make Deshabandu Thennakoon the Inspector General of Police. Prasanna Ranathunga’s deeds and actions are not needed to be commented on as we all know about them. It is possible that Prasanna Ranathunga might have thought of Deshabandu Thennakoon being tame enough to listen to him and do all his works. 

Prasanna Ranathunga is in hatred with the today’s youth. He might be dreaming of appointing an Inspector General of Police who will break the limbs of the young boys who take out into the streets to protest against the government regarding their rights or to handcuff and order the police officers to look after them in Welikada. No matter what these crooks do, the ball, the final decision is in the hands of the president. The President should think whether he want to screw up someday by appointing Deshabandu Thennakoon as the Inspector General of Police. 

We can imagine that the decision on the writ petition assigned for Judges of the Court of Appeal by Deshabandu Thennakoon was delayed till Monday until the president returns to Sri Lanka after his foreign tour. That is to ask, “Sir how to take give a decision?” These judges are like Raigama and Gampola. It can also be confirmed from many decisions given in recent days that these decisions were made according to the will of the president and not according to the directives of the law book. We believe that the decision to be given regarding Deshabandu Thennakoon’s writ cases will be an indication as to whether he will be the future Inspector General of Police of the country or not. 

There is no doubt that the judge of the Court of Appeal will sit in the donkey Field with his double leaf covered until he receives the signal from president Hamu.

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