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Easter bombing dereliction of duty Deshabandu and others promoted, accused police sergeant sacked. 

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The media has reported that a sergeant who is connected to the intelligence division of the Katana Police was was fired for not reporting intelligence information regarding the Easter attacks. The sergeant was charged with 12 disciplinary violations.

This sergeant is the first police officer to be fired, accused for being responsible for the Easter bombings. 

The Inspector General of Police has become a bully. That is because he gave a hard shot to a sergeant and made him loose everything.

We are now reminded of the high rank in police officers who were recommended by the presidential commission to be held accountable for the Easter bombings. After a preliminary investigation by the Police Special Investigation unit against 10 people including three senior DIG’s and two Senior Superintendents of police for dereliction of duty in connection with the Easter bombings, the draft charge sheets were forwarded to the National Police Commission. The Attorney General had sent a letter informing them to investigate and take disciplinary action against the 11 Police officers in connection with the Easter attacks. The Police Investigation Unit had even recommended to the National Police Commission that the 10 Police officers except DIG Nilantha Jayawardene (whose name was mentioned among the 11 officers in connection with the Easter attacks) to be subjected to disciplinary action.

The commission also said that DIG Deshabandu Thennakoon, who was in charge of the Negombo area at the time of the attacks must be accused of not having properly intervened to prevent the attack. Furthermore the commission also recommended that a case be filed against Baendana Munasinghe, who was the senior DIG in charge of the Western province at that time.

However these accused police chiefs are still on the run (duty) without any problems. Some have even been promoted to higher positions. But, a Police sergeant was fired from the police department for the same allegations which are against the police chiefs. It is also clear that the Inspector General of Police will not act against those police chiefs.

It is at this time we remember the words of a particular sinhala song, “Water flows from low places”.

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