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A new organization has been established by the CID police in this country to help heroine trafficking.

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A new organization has been set up to distribute heroin and sell heroin representing the Sri Lanka Police Crime investigation department. This news, we gladly report to the drug dealers.

The heroine organization’s board members are Senior DIG Prasad Ranasinghe, assistant of Police Meril Ranjan Lamahewa, Nadun Chinthaka who is also known as “Harak Kata” and Salindu Malshitha who is known as “Kudu Salindu”. If there is anyone who wishes to know more details or wants to join this organization please contact the police headquarters.

This article is courtesy of Lanka Dawasa.

 We have prepared this article based on the information we received from an internal source of the CID regarding the duty of the police officers in charge of Nadun Chinthaka (Harak Kata) and Salindu Malshitha (Kudu Salindu), who were arrested recently in Madagascar and bought to Sri Lanka.

It is reported that Nadun Chinthaka and Kudu Salindu who are currently detained by the police are living happy and healthy lives under luxurious facilities. It is also reported that the police team including Senior DIG Prasad Ranasinghe is working day and night with dedication and enthusiasm to meet all their needs.

Rice, kottu and fruits are provided without shortage for Nadun Chinthaka and Salindu Malshitha. The CID police has allocated a refrigerator for them to keep ice cream, yoghurts and dessert food items like fruits. “Ice” drugs might also be kept in that refrigerator sometimes.

We are writing this because we have received information that can confirm it. On May 20th, sergeant Pushpakumara, who was on duty, examined Nadun Chinthaka,who was taken to the toilet on the basis of suspicious activity. During this inspection, 3 packets were found in his possession. Nadun Chinthaka was bought to Sri Lanka from Madagascar on the 15th of March this year. When these heroin were found in Nadun Chinthaka’s possession, he was detained by the CID Police for almost 5 months which gives a suspicious fact regarding how the heroin packets were received. They might have been given by the CID itself.

In the meantime a Police officer who was attached to CID police involved in heroine trafficking has been removed from it and transferred to the Peliyagoda Senior superintendent of Police division. Generally, if a Police officer is involved in trafficking drugs, it should be investigated and the police officer involved should be brought to the court. However, not only has that chain of actions not happened but, no judicial action has been taken against Nadun Chinthaka who was caught in keeping heroin in his possession.

Normally suspects who are arrested by the CID police are given the opportunity to meet a close relative during detention. This meeting time is limited to 30 minutes. However, the close relatives who come to visit Nadun Chinthaka and Salindu Malshitha have had the opportunity to spend hours with them and they have also been allowed to take food from outside. On one occasion, the Public Relations Division Police Inspector Thusitha tried to restrict the two of them from receiving food brought from outside. But Senior Deputy Inspector General of police Prasad Ranasinghe in charge of the CID has said “mind your own business and to let them take the food brought”. 

Yes.. being a member of the board of an organization he cannot let a member be harassed.. senior DIG Prasad Ranasinghe might have thought so. Prasad Ranasinghe has gone to France. It is also revealed that he landed in Dubai on the way. It might be to get the dividends from the drug business he did together with Harak Kata and Kudu Salindu. No one has to be jealous of that. 

Now Nadun Chinthaka has become the source of pain reliever of the CID police officers. Some CID officers have been lucky enough to get five thousand notes by telling their sorrows to Nadun Chinthaka rather than the retail potatoes they receive from the police department in the field for a month by submission. The CID officers who do not betray their souls even if they have no food to eat, are sorrowed by these events. 

Nadun Chinthaka and Salindu Malshitha will be brought in court and be put to jail in the near future. Renowned thugs like them are kept detained in the Bussa prison.

But, there is a plan going on to keep Nadun Chinthaka and Salindu Malshitha in a Colombo prison without sending them to Bussa prison.

Behind this crooked plan is the crooked justice minister Wijedasa Rajapaksha and his son who is a lawyer. This father and son have made a fortune of wealth using Nadun Chinthaka and Salindu Malshitha as their source. This Wijedasa Rajapaksha is someone who will say “Budu Saranai” and then steal cows and give them to be made into meat in secret. This father and son Is transforming the judiciary in this country into a prostitute cave. 

The Buddhist sinhalese devotees who recently slandered president’s attorney Saliya Peiris for appearing in court for the father of Nadun Chinthaka or Harak Kata, have now United with the scum swallowers of the CID police… Justice minister Wijedasa Rajapaksha, his lawyer son, Harak Kata and Kudu Salindu. We would like to know what they have to say now about the use of drugs. At least, if these saints could ask the inspector general about the legal action to be taken in relation to the stolen packets found in the possession of Harak Kata while he was in the CID police custody, it will be a very honorable intervention.

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