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Why was the Polle Police who hit MP Gajendra afraid of MP Manusha?

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The Polle Police recently caught the MP Gajendra Ponnambalam and almost beat him to death. The people of the South people of the country clapped for joy. Even the inert media drooled and spread this news about Gajendra. 

MP Gajendra has challenged National intelligence service officer. It is a serious mistake because Gajendra Ponnambalam is a Tamil. That is the way the people of the South thinks.

If an unknown person comes to a place where we are, we ask for that person’s ID. That’s normal but Gajendra Ponnambalam cannot do that. He has to live according to the South people. That is the idea in their heads. 

When Manusha Nanayakkara was representing Samagi Jana balawege, a national intelligence service officer who was in the meeting held in Akmeemana was chased away. Even the people mocked that officer. This incident was also published in the media. The thing is, there was no one in the Southern society to take pity on that intelligence officer and the Polle police did not arrest Manusha for interrupting the duty. Although the inert media saw this happen they never spoke but stayed as they didn’t see a thing.

However the Society has an appreciation for a National intelligence service officer. But don’t forget that the person who betrayed thirty five National Intelligence Service officers including Major Mutalib to the LTTE is now the President of the country.

When we calculate and put the numbers in the scales of the incident of Gajendra Ponnambalam and Manusha Nanayakkara’s thug actions this is what we can only think of. “Christ was crucified because His father was a carpenter. Lord Buddha didn’t have that problem because His father was King Suddhodana.”

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