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Chamara Sampath the Buffalo

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Mano Pubbhangaman Dhamma 

Mano Setta Manomaya

Manasache Paduttene

Bhasativa Karotiva

Thatonang dukkha manveti

Chakkancha Vahatho Padang

Virtuous Dhammas have preceded the mind. They have taken root. They arise from the mind itself. If someone says or does something with a corrupt mind, it will result in a suffering and follow the person like the wheel that turns behind the steps of the ox carrying the load.

This is the philosophy of Lord Buddha. We wanted to write this Buddha teaching because we head the voice of the state minister, Chamara Sampath Dasanayake bleating “baaa”. This buffalo stated that if minister Kanchana’s father was present, Janaka Ratnayake of the Public Utilities Commission would not have to eat rice with his mouth. Dear Buffalo you don’t have to remind us of the Kanchana’s Bully father’s deeds. The people of Matara knows his acts very clearly. The old people of Matara still remember what that bully did.

Mahinda Wijesekara is a soulless beast born from a vagina. He is not a thug/mafia. He is a bastard who stole political power thinking it was thuggery. We remember how he was earned by cutting down the stock of old Maara trees in Matara fort. This beast even distributed heroin throughout Sri Lanka. We can even ask the Defense minister, Military Nandasena. We are sure that the records of the heroine distribution is still there with military Nandasena. This beast brought heroine through his multi day ships. All the details were found by the help of Intelligence units according to the order of military Nandasena. From Matara to Colombo these drugs were distributed with the help of the grandfather “Loku seeya” who ran a temple in Ragama. On the order of military Nandasena the military intelligence department kidnapped and killed the grandfather. Unfortunately the file was closed by the order of military Nandasena.

Although the beast, Mahinda Wijesekara got a lose from military Nandasena, the judgement of the one from above was critical. He has been lying on his bed for many years now, paying for all the atrocities he committed. This beast, who lives by swallowing his own excrement is a living example that politicians who commit atrocities in this country will live no better life. Chamara Sampath the buffalo, for your information, Kanchana Wijesekara’s father is eating his own excrement. The same thing will obviously happen to Mahinda Rajapaksha.

Kanchana Wijesekara’s actions are worse than his beast father’s doings. Although they hid the oil smuggling together with Yoshitha and Chichi from the people of the country, we know about that. It is certain that there will be a day when Kanchana’s doings will come out. He will then have to take off his tie coat and run on the street without clothes. Now, his father is swallowing excrements but Kanchana will have to keep in mind that he will have to bathe in excrement.

We write this because the teachings of Buddha is not wrong. The result of corruption one does is like the cart wheel behind the ox.

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