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DIG Deshabandu Thennakoon, has stated personally that he will only support UNP (United Nations party)

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DIG Deshabandu Thennakoon, who dreamed of becoming Inspector General of Police (IGP) was hanging around with the senior members of SLPP (Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna) has stated personally that he will only support UNP (United Nations party) to a group of police officers with whom he has close contact with.

Deshabandu Thennakoon has also adviced that the politicians associated with the Podujana Peramuna, who go against the law to be arrested by the neck and caged without giving a chance. Furthermore he has given his word to protect the police officers who go by his words stating that the present government is UNP and not the “SLPP tribal sepoys”.

It is clear that this sudden change is because the Rajapaksha’s didn’t consider giving him a paycheck as the Inspector General of Police. 

However before joining the police department Deshabandu Thennakoon has worked at the UNP head office (Sirikotha) and also served as the driver of Jayawickrama Perera of UNP who was the Chief Minister of Kurunegala.

From the statement Deshabandu Thennakoon has stated we can clearly sense that Ranil Rajapaksha (Wickramasinghe) and the Rajapaksha combination are both now like a loose tooth.

However, the politicians of the Podujana Peramuna in Colombo is adviced to be careful of the police officers/ policemen who are following Deshabandu Thennakoon’s orders

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