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Rajapaksha stand naked. Agree to Bury Muslim dead from COVID 19.

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What a shame to the so called falls Patriots, NEO Nationalists and the so called educated people of the VIYATHMAGA the movement that promoted Rajapaksha to power. The BUDDHIST MONKS who formed an alliance with Rajapaksha are now virtually naked. They only appear occasionally and give a voice cut and where by they are now called the “VOICE CUT NIKAYA” or the sect.
SHAMEFUL acts of Mahinda and the family were continuously  endorsed by these monks and the so called educated who were not intelligent enough to understand the damage they caused. The ethnic divisions and the hatred they created in the minds of the moderate people of the country over the cremation issue was far from reality. They were hell bent to satisfy the ruthless Nationalists and their followers.
Today Sri Lanka is before the UNHCR and has no where to run. From loosing GSP+ to sanctions are on the table. What will be dished out is to be seen. Mahinda and GOTA with the other cronies running the Ruthless regime needs to understand that the party is to end faster than expected why?
There are so many reasons
The EASTER ATTACK ball is now on GOTA’S Court he has to play it or throw it he is doing nothing.
COVID is totally mismanaged and now gone out of control. The whole country is infected and GOTA has no clue how to tackle the issues and his only saviour is SHAVINDRA, ARMY COMMANDER.
Further disgraceful commissions of inquiry are making recommendations over and above the APEX COURT of the country to end 79 cases that are filled against the members of the Rajapaksa family and members of the ruling party. What a shame.
Most of the government institutions are militarised yet the desired results are far away.
Finally now the GOTA REGIME has to turn back the MUSLIM CREMATION issue as all the other decisions starting from food gazettes to import duty.
The crucial question is that the BRITISH MUSLIM FORUM has informed the UNHCR about the CRIMATION issues and will vote for any UN RESOLUTION or abstain and will not stand with Sri Lanka.
There is also an impending threat that the proposed official visit of the Pakistan Prime minister will be cancelled due to the pressure excreted by the World Muslim League on the CRIMATION issue.
Finally the Rajapaksa regime had nothing but to step back and reverse a norther shameful and humanly degradable decision of CREMATING THE REMAINS OF THE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT OPT FOR THEIR FUNERAL RIGHTS TO BE DONE SO.

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