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Easter Attack True Story – Part 1

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You will surely be surprised what we are going to tell you. This is not another horror story, a true story that happened in a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka. This well planned story cost the life of over 350 and totally disabled a further 400 incent men, women and children, local and foreign. Some lost everyone in the family. This was the EASTER SUNDAY ATTACK of 2019. Another beautiful day was dawning to the island nation that has ended a long war of 30 years 10 years ago in 2009. Citizens were sure that their lives were safe. They never knew the very same people who had the duty to protect them were planning to kill them in the Churches they prayed or in the Hotels they stayed. 
The power hungry Rajapaksha Family that lost power in 2015 never expected that the slaves of the nation who worshiped them daily over the BUDDHA and JESUS CHRIST will ever hang them in the window of the Madamulana or even will force all powerful Basil to leave to the US within 24 hours. They were very angry with the citizens who really did not give them to loot the country and wanted revenge from day one. They planned from day one and got key people placed at strategic locations.
The lame duck Maithripala Sirisena (MS) who was elected President was the biggest mistake Sri Lanka did. If you could remember Mahinda Amaraweera (a then Minister) at a public rally during the Presidential election campaign openly said “we have eaten  belly full and we are now exhausted of eating we only need the desert, but if you appoint a new government they will start eating from the beginning”. Making these words true few months into power Sirisena Ranil Government’s Central Bank Bond scam came like a hurricane ruining any further progress. This clouded the Sirisena Wickramasinghe government and prevailed till the end.
The only man who lost his position and protection was Gotabaya Rajapaksha. Gota didn’t go to USA where he had PR but stayed over and struck a deal with MS to be his unofficial security adviser, MS who had no far thinking, taught he could trust Gota over anyone recommended by Ranil Wickremasinghe (RW). 
MS played the game safe knowing the Rajapaksh’s, he was walking on a blade. He had to fulfill the obligations to RW as well as play safe with Rajapaksha for the fear of life. He let the 19th Amendment go through but ensured that RW could not have a smooth government. The final catastrophe was a 58 days government setup in the latter part of 2018 that ruined the little relationship both had. This led to leave many loos end in the county’s security establishments. 
This was the start of the Easter Attack. A man from on where called NAMAL KUMARA was created and a drama unfolded stating that a drug dealer in Dubai was planning to assassinate Sirisena and Gota for blocking their business. Certain people in the Sri Lanka Police and Military Intelligence were also helping the plot to take place. Selected people were placed in key positions not to jeopardize the plan and a smooth execution.
This plan was a coordinated attack planned by the Rajapaksha Family with the assistance of Naraindra Modi the Prime Minister of India. This is evident because the SAS (Indian Intelligence Unit) that is direct under Modi was coordinating this attack with the stake holders in Sri Lanka direct. Modi wanted to create a mind set in the Indians that the region was unsafe with Islamist Terror, he had enough trouble in hand so he didn’t want any incident on Indian soil, the choice was Sri Lanka the weak and discorded administration, with many ulterior motives that were willing to put it’s own citizens life at risk was an ideal place to hatch the plot.
Rajapaksha wanted power, Modi wanted power, Sirisena wanted his life and some fanatics wanted to go to heaven all requirements for the drama were ready. Directors and produces were from India and Sri Lanka, the actors committed suicide.
The actual logistics of the attack is as follows, the Indian Intelligence Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) kept on suppling Colombo information of the planned attack they never knew the SAS involvement. SAS never wanted to block they kept aloof knowing Colombo ant any cost will let the attack happen.
In the future parts we will bring you step by step of how each individual is responsible and how certain valuable information was destroyed to save their masters at the cost of the lives of the citizens of the country. Remember all who are in this plot are people who were paid by the people and believed by the people that they would be protected by them, ultimately the protectors became the killers.

ලංකා දවස පුවත්පතට දිහින් දිගටම එල්ලවන සයිබර් ප්‍රහාරය වලකාලීමට හැකි security net එකක් යෙදීම කලයුතු නිසාම ,ඒ සදහා ඔබ ගේ දායකත්වය අපේක්ෂා කරමු. පහත ඇති  Paypal බටනය ඔබා ඔබට දායකවිය හැකිය ,


ප්‍රධාන කතෘ ලංකා දවස

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