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Sri Lanka Parliament is an institution that has the most number of uneducated and corrupted members. There are over 100 members who have not passed the GCE Ordinary Level Examination and many who don’t have higher education. Many of them are involved in Drug Trading big time, Ethanol importation, Involved in illicit sand and soil mining, deforestation and timber trade, prostitution and human trafficking to name a few. BUT 90% OF ALL THE MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT ARE CRIMINALS ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. They have plundered Billions of rupees over the years and have become Rich robbing the treasury. The family has taken 27% of the budgetary allocations for 2021. Rest of the cronies have also been given a sizable amount.

Lohan Rathwaththe son of former Minister Anurudha Rathwaththe has been appointed as the Minister of Prisons by killer Gotabaya. Lohan is known killer and he was an accused in the famous UDATHALAWINNA murder case.

Sri Lanka is a signatory to many international treaties that protect the rights of Prisoner, such appointment brings a black mark on the treaties so signed. He was found guilty by the Theldeniya Magistrate Court in the preliminary investigation and indictments were served by the Attorney General and the case concluded without a proper trial when Mahinda took over in 2004. Such a criminal minded man has now been appointed as the Prisons Minister.

In the said incident 10 Muslim students were assassinated by firing in an ambush at close range. The UN, UNHCR, Amnesty International, EU  and International Community should be vigilant to ensure safety of the prisoners. 27 inmates of the Walikada Prison were assassinated in 2012 November further 11 were assassinated just few days ago in the Mahara Prison.

For a government that is tainted with a continues CRIMINAL RECORD appointing a known criminal as a the Minister of Prisons is something that needs close watch. There are many notorious Drug Lords and criminals held in high security facilities in Bogambara, Agunukolapalessa and Boossa. It’s the duty of the Government to be responsible for the lives of all the inmates that are in their custody.

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