Over 150 years, the promotions of the Police Department have been widely shared by top officers. In 1996 all the Sub Police Officers of the Sri Lanka Police Department were absorbed into the regular service. Recently, police officers who were not high ranking police officers have been severely wronged. There are no regular and sub-par services in the current police force. It is necessary to find out immediately if there is an overlap in the police. These promotions have disappointed officials who have been doing a dirty job in the police for years, but the biggest joke in these promotions is that the stars are no barrier.

This is no help to those who have stagnated for more than eight years in the same rank in the police service. In order to provide a good police service to the public, the IGP must first establish a department in which his officers can function. How can we serve the public better?

The Minister of Law and Order must immediately look into this injustice. Otherwise, the police will not be able to prevent a major division in the near future.

A police podcast that is being treated unfairly.

– Unknown

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