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We are analyzing this information in this context to understand the overall situation in this region.

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The situation appears to be complex. There seems to be a political and cultural divide between the majority Sinhalese population and the Tamil minority, with tensions related to ethnicity and regional autonomy. The information suggests that there are various actors involved in this situation, including political leaders, activists, and medical professionals. 

This situation appears to have its roots in the 2015 presidential election and the subsequent changes in leadership and healthcare policy. It seems that there was a significant shift in healthcare administration, possibly driven by political changes. 

The involvement of medical professionals and healthcare administrators in political activities may have had an impact on the healthcare system and its delivery. The mention of a “strike” or protest by medical professionals could indicate dissatisfaction with the changes in healthcare policy. 

The situation also appears to have a religious dimension, with references to Buddhist monks and Hindu temples. Religious leaders may be playing a role in shaping public opinion and actions. 

Overall, it appears to be a complex and multifaceted situation involving politics, healthcare, ethnicity, and religion. Further details would be needed to fully understand the nuances of this scenario.

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