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A dispute in the Parliamentary Sectoral Council meeting on National Security

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It is reported that Muslim Congress leader Rauf Hakeem interrupted and

scolded Professor Rohan Gunaratne during the sectoral council meeting,

when he commented that the Easter attack was an attack carried out by

a religious terrorist group.

Here, Rauf Hakeem declared that Professor Rohan Gunaratne is not a

professor and ordered him to leave the meeting.

Sarath Weerasekaraya is the Chairman of the Parliamentary Sector

Council on National Security. Professor Rohan Gunarathne came from

Singapore to the Sectoral Council on National Security on the

invitation of the Council and it is unethical to question his

qualifications as a guest.

MP Sarath Weerasekera is an ardent racist in this country. It is

unlikely that someone like Sarath Weerasekera will work independently

as the Chairman of the Parliamentary Advisory Committee on National

Security. By bringing Rohan Gunaratne to this council meeting and

asking for his opinion, it appears that Sarath Weerasekera wants to

suppress the controversial issues in this country about the Easter

Sunday attack.

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