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Environment Minister Nasir Ahamad plays havoc in the Batticaloa District Development Committee!

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The Batticaloa District Development Committee had taken a very hotace yesterday (25).because the political representatives who participated asked thegovernment officials about the issues that were not in the agenda.

This District Development Committee meeting was presided over byEastern Province Governor Senthil Thondaman and District DevelopmentCommittee Chairman State Minister Sivanesathurai Chandrakanth.

The Minister of Environment, Naseer Ahmed, has questioned the Secretary of the Ministry of Education of the Eastern Province
regarding issues that are not in the agenda and has made him very uncomfortable and all the MPs representing the Eastern Province have strongly condemned his behaviour.

Due to a matter not on the agenda, the secretary had said he can provide the data required for the relevant question by the afternoon,
but the minister protested and tried to attack the secretary with
obscene words.

After that, the chairman of the development committee who attended the meeting Chandrakanthan, Minister of State S. Vyalendran, Members of Parliament K. Karunakaran and Sanakyan have also obstructed the
government officials by asking for data related to matters not included in the agenda.

Speaking here, Governor Senthil Thondaman said that everyone shouldbehave civilized in such a high council. He has said that everyone has the responsibility to protect the honor of government officials andaction will be taken against whoever hindering government officials.

In addition, the governor emphasized that not only requesting data related to matters not on the agenda but also not giving timetoprovide them is a violation of the rights of public officials and suchactions cannot be allowed in the assembly he is in.

Furthermore, the governor instructed the government officials to takesteps to issue written orders within 24 hours if the questions asked by the public representatives are not answered promptly in such an assembly and instructed the government officials to perform their
duties efficiently.

Meanwhile, State Minister Viyalendran has revealed that a massive sand mining has taken place in the past two and a half weeks through theMinistry of Environment at the development committee meeting held

However, the state minister emphasized that in the future, not even an inch of sand will be allowed to be taken from the area.

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