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Is Shafter’s death a murder or a suicide, five member forensic medical committee meets

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The five-member forensic medical committee appointed by the Colombo Magistrate’s Court to submit the final conclusion regarding the death of Janashakti Group Director Businessmen Dinesh Shafter to the court as to whether it was a murder or a suicide started its discussion today at the Peradeniya University Faculty of Medicine.

As a serious problem had arisen before the court regarding whether the death of Dinesh Shafter was a murder or a suicide, this committee was appointed in accordance with the order given by Colombo Additional Magistrate Rajindra Rajasuriya on February 13 to submit a document of academic experts based on the highest seniority in the field of forensic medicine to obtain a decision from a scientific approach.

These experts had reached Kandy yesterday evening. These expert panel consist of the five most senior experts in Sri Lanka will review the scientific data files and research reports received so far regarding this death and conduct a sharp scientific analysis on the cause of Dinesh Shafter’s death today and tomorrow. 

According to the request of this five-member forensic expert committee, a review of the information test reports sent to the Government Analysis Department and university-level and high-standard laboratories will be conducted in these two days to investigate the scientific factors beyond the data obtained so far in the second forensic post-morterm examination of Dinesh Shafter conducted at the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital.

Then the five-member committee will give the final recommendation to the court on the basis of medical facts whether the cause of Dinesh’s death is suicide or murder.

The five-member panel of medical experts named by the court includes Professor Dinesh Fernando  a specialist forensic doctor at the Department of Forensic Science Faculty of Medicine at the University of Peradeniya, Professor Asela Mendis, a specialist forensic doctor at the Department of Forensic Science from the University of Colombo, Professor U. D. Perera, former expert forensic doctor of Kandy National Hospital S. Sivasubramaniam and specialist forensic doctor of  Galle Karapitiya Hospital Dr. Ruwanpura.

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