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Asgiri Deputy registrar Thero and Ramanya Sect Sub leader there are of two opinions about the appointment of the Inspector General of Police. 

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Narampanavei Amanda Thero, deputy registrar of the Asgiri factions, says that the influence of religious leaders in the appointment of a suitable officer for the post of inspector General is unacceptable.

Ananda thero of Narampana has been lit up by fire because archbishop Malcom Cardinal Ranjith has written to the president not to appoint Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Nilantha Jayawardene or Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Deshabandu Thennakoon as the Inspector General of Police who have neglected the duties regarding the Easter attack.

From Narampana There’s statement we feel that if the president decides that Kosgoda Sujeewa or Kimbulale Guna should be appointed to the inspector general of police,then the people of the country should shut their mouths and approve it. We think that narampana thero is wearing as the Maradana Chopped. Choppe is an UNP. Choppe’s son is now the UNP municipal councilor of the Maradana division. It is clear that Narampana is trying to clear the president because of the genes of the UNP Choppe.

Similarly, on the days when president Mahinda Rajapaksha kept bombs at the tooth relic temple (Dalada Maligawa), when Karuna Amman was appointed as a cabinet minister and also as the vice president of the Sri Lanka freedom party, the Ananda thero of Narampana must have kept his mouth shut maybe because the president of the country has authority to do anything or because of the great fear he has for the Rajapaksha’s. We must search about this indeed.

There is now a very good understanding of Asgiriya and Malwatte among the Buddhist people. His eminence Archbishop directly intervenes in the problems of the people of the country. The Malwatte and Asgiriya Thero’s have no knowledge and understanding of the destruction that is happening in the country. They only open their mouths when a VIP comes to the temple with a bowl of fruits and an Atapirikara. Since heels and Davala alms are received without any trouble and their cash boxes and banks accounts are automatically filled, they do not care if the people of the country beg on the street. Whatever happens to the Inspector General or the president is irrelevant to them. 

However, a statement against the statement of Ananda Thero of Narampana has been made by the sub leader of Sri Lanka Rajopavanamadhika of Gatabe Ramanya sect, Kapeththiyagoda Siri Vimala Thero. He has said that the attention of the president should be focused on appointing an officer who can be accepted by the country and the people and someone who is free from accusations to the position of the Inspector General of Police. He has further stated that various accusations have been levelled at the police recently and that the police now needs a prestigious present. 

Sinhala Buddhists may have a serious question as to whether they should take the side of Asgiriya thero or the side of the Ramanya Sect. But we have to think about it by taking into consideration the protection of Law and Order in the country, not only for ourselves but also for the children to be born tomorrow. This question is not a question that can be assessed and solved from a religious perspective.

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