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The goddess of law in Aluthkade was exposed and raped in the Court of Appeal.

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The two corrupt judges Bandula Karunaratne and Marikkar have acted in a very brutal way to corrupt the law on the seat of the Aluthkade Court of Appeal. Not only these two but their parents should also be cursed and punished for the great sin committed by putting these two under the law of the country. In the society where the legislature and the executives are rotten, the only protection for the people of this country is the judiciary. But these two bastards have broken the trust of the people in the judiciary in an inhumane and violent way. The court is like a smelly shit inside now. What is happening in this country is making our body tingle. 

Marikkar is a Muslim. The methods to be followed in relation to all aspects such as governance, human rights, crimes etc are given in Islam. It is not just an exhortation but similar to a law. Muslims are obliged to follow that law. Breaking those rules are considered as a religious sin. There is also a mention of a final judgement. That is, righteous people will be sent to Paradise and the unrighteous will be punished in hell.

This bastard appellate Court judge Marikkar has betrayed not only his professional life but also his religious philosophy. This bastard is similar to an excrement feeding pig in Muslim culture. If his wife and children feel religiously embarrassed, this animal won’t be allowed to enter into the 4 borders in his house. 

The other Court of Appeal judge is Karunaratne. This rogue is a stinking shit in the judiciary of this country. 

There are a lot of things to write about the rogue character of judge Karunaratne. The judgements given by these wretch from the lower Court to the appellate Court are not fair. In all those judgements there have been endless reports about the extortion and transactions made by these beasts. 

Somehow, these two bastards pretend to be judges and betray the law to ensure their professional existence by transforming into political puppies. It’s clear that the hope of these two robbers is to infiltrate the Supreme Court. At present, the Pettah Court of Appeal is like a public toilet because of these two. 

These two criminals have obtained a criminal judgement that paves the way for the need to provide professional care and protection to another criminal in this country. That is by turning the senior DIG Deshabandu Thennakoon into a saint.

This decision was reported by the BBC as follows.

The Court of Appeal invalidated this summons issued by the Colombo Magistrate’s office to the senior deputy Inspector General of Police for the Western province Deshabandu Thennakoon to appear as a suspect in connection with the discovery of more than one crores and seventy eight lakh rupees when he entered the Presidential palace during the struggle. This writ was issued on the 26 (today). 

The chairman of the Court of Appeal Nishshanka Bandula Karunaratne and A. Marikkar issued the order to invalidate the summons against Deshabandu Thennakoon. 

Announcing this decision, the president of the Court of Appeal said that the money found in the Presidential palace has not been proven to belong to the former president. The decision also stated that there is no need to present the money to the court. Accordingly, the judge stated that it is not possible to maintain this private complaint and informed the petitioner to appear in court as a suspect and order the issuance of a writ, invalidating the summons issued by the magistrate. In addition the bench also ordered the Colombo fort magistrate not to take further legal action against the senior DIG, the petitioner. Furthermore, Deshabandu Thennakoon was also accused of not doing his duty regarding the attack on Gota Go Gama on May 9th last year, the Court of Appeal issued another writ invalidating him as a suspect of the attack on the protests. 

Announcing the verdict, the president of the Court of Appeal stated that there was not enough evidence that the petitioner supported the attack on the protestors at Galle face on May 9th last year.

BBC quoted ends.

This is how the Court of Appeal was dragged into a stinking pit of excrement and this crooked Deshabandu Thennakoon was turned into a saint by these two corrupt judges. Every citizen who knows about the decisions given by these judges are shocked. But everyone is helpless. If anyone shows any objection in word or in writing in this regard, the fate to be faced may be dire. This is because of the section that provides protection for these swindling rogue judges as an offense of contempt of the Court. 

It is now very clear that the judiciary has started to rot. The people who believed in the law for a long time will now only have the Seenigama God to help them. But they have to go to the Seenigama temple and grind chillies so that these rogue judge’s and their families will be cursed to death. We can see even if then we can give a thought about the prospering of this country.

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