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The government of Ranil Rajapaksha, the fox is fooling the people of the country.

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The people of the country are worried / confused about the hybrid government of Ranil hamu. As the media reports, dispute has arisen between the Podujana Peramuna and the President Ranil Rajapaksha. According to what the media reveals, we have a doubts whether the dispute between the two sides are true or not.

Ranil hamu is an arrogant leader who lives in a political fantasy.

In short he is a person who listens to others. Ranil hamu does not have the habit of hugging political minions, putting his hand on their shoulders saying ‘you are one of us’. He doesn’t even want to shake hands with others to show his goodwill at least.

Mahinda Rajapaksha and Ranil hamu have a good friendship between them.

This friendship didn’t happen recently. It is this friendly relationship that paves the way for Ranil hamu to win the president’s cup by knocking Dallas Alahapperuma who was in his own flock to the ground.

At the moment, the UNP and SLPP hybrid government is like a loose tooth about Ranil hamu’s works.

If there is a division among the members of the Podujana Peramuna, how the government will deal with that crisis is a matter that needs to be taken into consideration. Along with this crisis that has started in the government, there is serious shock in all parties of the government about the wave of Samagi Jana balawege’s power that is a rising politically in the society. However there is no doubt about Sajith’s Samagi Jana balawege for the government and the Podu

Jana peramuna. It is also clear that Podujana Peramuna has no objection for a exchange of power with Samagi Jana balawege. 

The Podujana Peramuna is aware that the Samagi Jana balawege has taken sacrifices of its own party members at the grassroot level. Currently the voter base of the Podujana Peramuna has collapsed in a very serious way. In this environment, the alternative for the Podujana Peramuna is to join the Samagi Jana balawege. But there is a problem, and that is the Rajapaksha family. It is absolutely impossible that Samagi Jana balawege will go into cohabitation with the Rajapaksha’s and spoil their political virginity. It is certain that many MP’s of the Podujana Peramuna will leave the Rajapaksha sect in the future. It is likely that they will choose the Dallas’ team or the Samagi Jana balawege as their last refuge. The Dallas team is currently ready to join the Samagi Jana balawege. It is a belief that the Rajapaksha’s will not give up their political power easily because it is certain that they will tie different knots protect their power. We have a suspicion that the scenarios that are now emerging in the platform are the substitutions to protect the future political power of the Rajapakshas.

Race and religion were always used by the Rajapakshas to come to power. Currently, there is a lot of discussion about sinhala Buddhism in the society. The MP’s like Gammanpila and Wimal Weerawansa who left the Rajapaksha’s have stopped talking about the economic crisis in the country and have started to talk about protecting Sinhala Buddhism. The Rajapaksha monasteries such as Madagoda Abhayathissa, Ellawala Medhananda and Gnanasara are ready to go into battle along with the robes. All of them are angry with Ranil Rajapaksha about the recent statement he made about property of the Kurundan Temple. Meanwhile, MP Sarath Weerasekara has been issuing statements on strong opposition against the privatization of the telecom company.

It is also impossible to think that the president has no idea about this society, which has been seriously injected with religious fanaticism. It is questionable why he made a decision against the archaeological commissioner regarding the lands of the Kurundan temple. In unravelling this question we can discuss various aspects. One can say that the president hinted the Buddhist base of the Podujana peramuna. Another may say that the president may have reached such a decision in accordance with his conscience. In the same way, someone else can say that the president has left a Trump card in the field in a way so that the Rajapaksha camp gets an advantage. Everyone might have different opinions on this.

However we cannot think that the president who remains in the power of the members of the Parliament of the Podujana Peramuna is acting in accordance with his conscience. It is a belief that the scenarios are being created to trap and stop the people who are joining with Samagi Jana balawege using the term Sinhala Buddhism. 

According to our belief the rivalry between the Samagi Jana balawege and Ranil hamu will remain firm in the future. Ranil hamu and the Rajapakshas will continue to protect the political power by shooting firecrackers that make the society burn. For that they will not only play the trump card of religion and race into the field but will also pass military orders to bind the society.

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