We are sad to say that SDIG Deshabandu Thennakoon has been appointed by the PRESIDENT as the Head of the CID.
He is directly responsible for the abduction Poddala Jayantha a journalist and causing him body injury. He was with the then OIC Mirihana police when recording the statements at the General hospital Colombo and instructed as to how the statement should be recorded exonerating the then Defense Secretary GOTA the present President. Poddala was called and threatened by GOTA few days before the abduction by a white wan and then it was obvious that it was done on the instructions of GOTA.
Deshabandu is also directly involved in the EASTER ATTACK that killed over 300 and injured over 500 others. He knowing very well willfully neglected his duty letting the attacks take place to give and undue benefit to Rajapaksha in the election propaganda.
There fore we call all Governments, international organizations and donor countries to consider the unruly action of the Sri Lankan government and the Rajapaksa regime. Stop providing all assignments and assistance to the Sri Lankan POLICE and the government.

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