Friday of the day …… .Saitam the Oxford?

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People in Sri Lanka know from time to time politicians. Saitam now speaks of forgetting her own problems. Whatever a government does, the first thing to do is to oppose it. It is the same thing that he did then. That is what he is doing. If Mahinda had stopped the war against Ranil’s opposition, Prabhakaran would have taken over the country. Mahinda Rajapaksa did not care for anything. Because Mahinda knows that Ranil is a political drama. Mahinda knew that the people of this country would be brought to the party even if they were killed.
There is talk about it. Mahinda is talking about Ranatunga. .Ranil knows it well. Both of these are JVP candidates. Unfortunately, the people of this country do not understand this.
The countries of the world do not develop just because of the politicians who govern the country. Governments are coming. We need to bring the best of the world to the country. We have to take the knowledge of the world. There is a competition between parents to open up the country and now they are learning. But most of the time there is a lack of education.
However, both Maithri and Ranil should stop this political whitewash and make their country aware of the policies of the country. Otherwise, a nation will be left to oppose everything.

– Unknown


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