Finally Colombo gang culture has been taken over by the Chinese
underworld. Along Bastian Mawatha Chinese men and prostitutes walk
freely they care less for the local police. The law is unto themselves.
Slowly but steadily Sri Lanka is becoming a Chinese colony. The
Rajapaksa election camping was heavily funded by the Chinese
government and many Buddhist Monks were paid to work for GR and MR.
they were given tours to China with much perks and entertainment.
Chinese Government has all the photographs and the monks are silent
because the moment they make any comment against Rajapaksa regime
or the Chinese presence in the country the photos will be in the Social Net
works and that will be the end.
China does not support the Buddhist in Tibet but want to fund for the
temples and monks in Sri Lanka, Why? For what? This is all politics and
the end is getting closer.

By ajith

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