Sri Lanka gained it’s Independence from the British in 1948. All communities agitated for this and Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim leaders fought united as one. The Independence was without firing a single bullet.
Today the MALAY FAMILY RULING Sri Lanka has virtually sold the country to China. GOTA AND MAHINDA belong to the fourth generation of a CRIMINAL MALAYSIAN who arrived in Colombo in the early 19th Century. He after having criminal record in Colombo was later sent to remote HAMBANTHOTA by the British and he later joined a local nobleman as his bodyguard. On the sudden demise of the nobleman (most probably due to an act of the bodyguard ) the MALAYSIAN CRIMINAL inherited the estate. Later taking the name of the local continued to enjoy the luxury.
Today RAJAPAKASHA FAMILY is no different. Following the footsteps of the ancestor the generation made a successful plot in the EASTER SUNDAY of 2019 and came to power. The family and all connected with the regime are ruthless criminals. The family is involved in big time drug dealings and has made Sri Lanka the narcotics hub of ASIA. Further they have armed gangsters at disposal to kill anyone from a PARLIAMENTARIAN, JOURNALIST, BUSINESSMAN and CITIZEN. They killed NADARAJA RAVIRAJ (MP), SRIPATHI SURIYAARCHCHI (MP), LASNTHA WICKRAMARATUNGA (JOURNALIST) , PROMINENT BUSINESSMEN WERE ABDUCTED AND KILLED FOR RANSOM, 11 SCHOOL CHILDREN WERE ABDUCTED AND KILLED BY MEN OF THE SRI LANKA NAVY IN A BID EXTORT RANSOM, WASIM THAJUDEEN (RUGBY PLAYER ) WAS ABDUCTED AND BRUTALITY KILLED BY THE FIFTH GENERATION RAJAPAKASHA’S NAMAL AND YOSHITHA.
You name it RAJAPAKASHA’s are common criminals. They have only one ambition TO SELL THE COUNTRY MAKE MONEY AND LEAVE FOR GOOD. THEN COME AGAIN LOOT AND LEAVE.

The Chinese after closely watching the family made an approach that was much successful and continued the business. Today SRI LANKA has become a global example of how China has taken over a country so successfully.
For generations RAJAPAKASHA family are common criminals and nothing else. In 2019 GOTA and 2020 MAHINDA wanted power to getaway from the impending cases that hung over their heads. They had no strategy to develop the country the only ambition was to get all the cases against family and the associates  dismissed and earn as much as possible and leave for good.
BASIL the master mind behind the revival of this RUTHLESS REGIME OF RAJAPAKASHA is a US CITIZEN and not even a duel citizen of Sri Lanka to head the economy.
GOTA is also a US CITIZEN claiming to have relinquish such but no substantial evidence has been produced and the former ELECTIONS COMMISSION is responsible for this debacle and the commissioners should be indicated for allowing such things to happen. How ever he could leave any moment because his wife and son are still US citizens.
Finally we wish to state today the 4th of February is the INDEPENDENCE DAY of Sri Lanka and the main venue the INDEPENDENCE SQUARE is fully covered with the BUDDHIST FLAG and NOT the NATIONAL FLAG with the LION. What a shameful and sad situation for a country on it’s 73rd INDEPENDENCE DAY you have no right to hoist the Flag.
People should now understand that enough is enough and this RUTHLESS RAJAPAKASHA FAMILY should be wiped out of power for ever from SRI LANKA.

By ajith

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