Former YAHAPALANA favourite Rohan Fernando destroyed all institutions given during YAHAPALANA regime. Knowing the regime change quickly shifted to the GOTA REGIME through VIYATHMAGA JOKES. He took control of the telecommunications giant SLT and slowly started to support his friends from company funds without hesitation. His wife working with Dilith Jayaweera of Derana is pumping funds without fear mentioning his close contact to GOTA.
He has spent over 3.7 million for Christmas Lights against the instructions of the PRESIDENT and Cardinal who instructed to cut down on cost at this time of crisis. Sri Lanka Telecom is not a private property of Rohan and the family.
It’s time GOTA realise that Rohan is not someone who supported him but jumped on board later after sucking blood of the people during YAHAPALANA.
President if you want to be recognised and respected you should shun away people like Rohan for ever and appoint a suitable person to SLT.

By ajith

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