Sri Lanka is famous for Political assassinations under
certain regimes. The current regime in power has a history
of such assassinations into it’s credit. During the previous
era of power between 2005 -2015 they assassinated two
parliamentarians Sripathi Suriyaarachci and Nadaraja
Raviraj. Rajapaksha regime is directly linked to these
according to investigations.
The blood thirsty regime of Gotabaya Nandasena is now
behind a prominent Member of Parliament Patali
Champaka Ranawaka. Due to the present Opposition
Leader Sajith Premadasa becoming a puppet of
Rajapaksa due to his own mistakes a new political alliance
is to form headed by Patali. Some of the Government and
Opposition members are to support him in his endeavor.
The government is planning a PROFESSIONAL
ASSASSINATION PLOT and don’t want a bullet or an
accident to kill him. They have found a more accurate and
professional method.
Patali is mixed up with an accident many years ago where
a motor cyclist was involved. The case is still pending and
Rajapksha wants to arrest him for this or to frame a new
  • case accusing him for purchasing coal for CEB power

    plants against procumbent procedure.
    The assassination procedure is as follows.
    The chemical to be used is Polonium and these are the
    facts of this chemical.
    Fast facts on polonium-210 (Technical data).
    Here are some key points about polonium-210. Polonium-210 is a rare
    radioactive metal discovered by Marie Curie in the late 19th century. While
    radioactive, it emits a high-energy form of radiation, but the particles do not
    travel far and it decays relatively quickly. If polonium-210 enters the body,
    through inhalation, swallowing, broken skin, the results can be fatal. By
    mass, polonium-210 is one of the deadliest toxins, around 250 billion times
    more toxic than hydrogen cyanide.
    Where do you find it
    Polonium-210 is present in small amounts in the human body, due to low
    levels in the normal environment and the food chain, especially in seafood.
    Tobacco smokers have more polonium-210 because smoking causes it to
    accumulates in the lungs.Polonium-210 is used in industry to make devices
    that remove static. This is useful for making tape, rolling paper, and
    spinning synthetic fibers, for example. It is also used to keep environments
    dust free, such as in the production of computer chips.Natural polonium is
    very rare. As little as about 100 micrograms (0.0001 grams) of polonium
    occurs in one ton of uranium ore.
    How dangerous is it?
    Polonium does not have toxic chemical properties. The danger comes
    when it emits radiation. Toxicologists estimate that one gram of polonium-
    210 could be enough to:
    kill 50 million people
    make another 50 million people ill
  • Former KGB agent Litvinenko could have died after consuming less
    than one millionth of that amount.
    As a weapon, it would be lethal. But it is also extremely difficult to obtain.
    When used in commercial devices, this is done in such a way that the
    polonium could not be separated for use as a poison.
    Even if someone did manage to acquire some polonium, it is*not
    particularly dangerous*to carry around, because its high-energy
    radiation can be blocked by a relatively thin barrier, such as a piece of
    Polonium-210 cannot penetrate the skin, and the particles usually lose all
    their energy after traveling through a few centimeters of air.
    However, this also makes it safe to transport and hard to detect, for a
    would-be poisoner.
    To poison someone, however, it must then be introduced to the body.
    This can be done through Inhalation, Ingestion, Entry through skin
    abrasions or wounds.
    A person9cannot be contaminated9by another, contaminated person unless
    they swallow or inhale bodily fluids from that person.
    Former KGB agent turned Journalist who lived in London, Litvinenko is
    alleged to have swallowed a fatal dose of Po-210 by drinking tea at a
    business meeting with two other Russians. Both were charged with his
    This incident is thought to have exposed 700 people to radiation, although
    none became seriously ill. Some locations in London, including a restaurant
    and nightclub, were temporarily closed as a safety measure.
    The autopsy involved complex safety measures.
    Further a Swiss Forensic report of the exhumed remains of the ex
    Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat suggest Polonium Poisoning has caused
    his death.
  • According to the above you will see that Gotabaya
    Nandasena needs Patali in Prison and induce the
    Polonium into his food and then release him where he will
    have a natural death that will not create a situation that
    Nandasena is responsible for the assassination

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