The Sri Lankan government of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has been hunting down Social media users in great numbers.
During the recent past the government has been widely criticised for many things and that includ mis handling of vaccination, violating quarantine law, sinking of merchant vessel in the Colombo seas causing seviour damage to the ecology and marine life.
These are widely circulated in the social media and any one sharing or commenting will be blocked for 30 days.
We urge you to make a embargo and prohibit all Sri Lankan politicians to enter into your countries. We also request THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE to begin a process to ensure that the Sri Lankan government leaders are brought to justice for the atrocities committed against the people of the country.
We say with responsibility that Gotabhaya and the Rajapaksa family is directly involved in the EASTER ATTACK in Sri Lanka. That was a plot to take over power.
Please consider this request favourably and protect the lives of the people of Sri Lanka.
Lanka Dawasa.

By ajith

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