The claim that government  are withdrawing from the Geneva proposals is a lie . This was a intention adopted by the council  of a village funeral society , but one was withdrawn . Gotabahaya Rajapaksha are unaware of it , but in hate of this , the government now has no child and it is doubtful how much the people will accept the Geneva Billa’s performance at this election .

But  as a newspaper is so educate the  public with correct information on our behalf . Still , the srilankan government has already been informed that the government  has already  been informed that  the  government  will withdraw clause 30:01  of the  Geneva Resoultion , the Resoultion on the 26 th srilanka is due to come before the house . The  Darusman report , presented by the Geneva Resoultion is a  very powerful report .

The entire nation is well aware that president  Mahinda Rajapaksha signed a resolution when the UN sectary General banking on arrived srilanka to bring about peace and reconcilation  in srilanka after the end at the war .

As  a responsible newspaper  for the entire nation . The untied  nation is withdrawing  from the  now – debated human rights resolution in srilanka , is another lie that the Rajapaksha’s  are embracing. Several countries is finalized by the adoption of the resolution but there is always the possibility of srilanka withdrawing from a single clause. Accordingly , the Rajapaksha’s are withdrawn from article 30; people have to be very responsible.


Ajith writes  from Geneva….


– Unknown

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