He dreamt of a Sri Lanka that was better. A Sri Lanka that was united by citizenship and not divided by race, religion, caste or creed.
He dreamt of a Sri Lanka with opportunity. Where every person, no matter their difference or background could achieve their full potential.
He dreamt of peace. A genuine, forgiveness-seeking, peace. A peace based on brotherhood and equality for every Sri Lankan. Not one based on fear, control or subjugation.
He dreamt of justice. Not just for some but for all. Because he believed that we all deserved it.
He dreamt of a country where  everyone was free. Free from fear, free to be themselves, free to pursue their dreams. 
The SJB is committed to keep Mangala’s dream alive. That is the only way we can honour him.
We will continue his fight for a Sri Lanka where everyone is equal and everyone is free. Where everyone can pursuit their own happiness and dreams.
Rest in power my friend / sir
Harin Fernando

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