An elephant that was pralized in Padur, Vavuniya North of Colombo died last week. It is suspected that the elephant would have been hit by a train. Military Nandasena is
directly involved in the elephant businesses.
According Nayanaka Rathnawella environmentalist the elephant succumbed to the internal injuries it sustained whilst it was moved by a crane. Media gave wide publicity.
Our story begins their.
The wild life officials decided to lift the elephant on the orders of Nandasena, all Rajapaksha’s have an elephant mania.
When Nande was the Defense Secretary he had two elephant calf’s.
During the previous Rajapaksha regime many of the cronies had the privilege of having elephants and they include politicians, monks and judges.
During the lifting of this elephant there were some strange people involved in the operations in moving the elephant they include Dilum Amunugama, Ali Roshan (elephant Roshan) a notorious elephant dealer and the robed man Magalkande SUDATHTHA. They play this game with a another red lipped man in robes Uduwe Dhammaloka a robed man living in Alan Mathiniyaramaya that he took by force from Balapitiye Brahmanawaththe SIRI Seewali Thero. Uduwe fellow uses his influence of Rajapaksha clan to do the Dirty elephant business. He him self has a case for keeping an elephant claf without a licence.
The dirtiest part of the game happened during the previous Rajapaksha regime. Ali Roshan entered the Habarana Jungle with the STF and they drive a heard of elephants to the on coming night train from Colombo and when the parents are hit by the train and are dying they take the baby elephants and transport them to Colombo under military guards. Nandasena Gotabaya Rajapaksha is directly responsible for helping and providing military logistics for this operation.
The elephants are then given to Uduwe where he in turn sells them for anything over 10 million.
A part of the proceeds went to GOTA and that is why he gave all military and other logistics for the capture of the elephants.
Uduwe has pending cases for keeping and dealing with elephants and we believe that these cases too will have  a natural death as the others.
All people who were at the location where the elephant lay dead, Dilum, Roshan and SUDATHTHA are people with questionable character and a past. All of them at some stage have been looters and thrives. They are all involved in the elephant trade or some kind of dirty business.
Roshan has pending cases, Magalkande is a man sacked from the police force for theft of a phone and man with tattoos in the body that is against the VINAYA or the discipline of the BUDDHA. Dilum is a womenizer and a notorious criminal.
The shameful Sri Lanka JUDICIARY is an institution that believes of Jem Bags and any dirty excuse given by the Rajapaksa family.
The death of the elephant signify a start of a new series of killing elephants and we urge you to keep your eye and ears open to stop the massacre of these gentle giants.

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