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Sri Lanka hit by a political TORNADO.

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Sri Lanka hit by a political TORNADO
SRI LANKA is a country that is like a head less chicken. Gotabaya who became the PRESIDENT 16 months ago is acting insane. He is to be believing in demons than being a Buddhist. He is worshipping a woman who is running a small Devalaya (a Palace of demon worship) and running the country on her instructions.
Now the country is at a cross road and is in the brink of bankruptcy.
Taking the benefit of the opportunity Gota’s brother and American Citizen Basil is making progress in the quest to be the PRESIDENT. He has made connections with the contravertial politician MANGALA SAMARAWEERA. He claimed to have left politics time ago is to have had discussions with Basil in forming a group with many other people in their quest to gain power ASAP or on exit of GOTA.
The rest will be published once all the information is properly analyzed.

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