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Shangri-La bombing Zaharan was supported by Hendawitharana and Malaka….!!

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Shangri-La General Manager Security Rt Maj Gen Hendawithrana and
Director Legal Malaka are directly responsible for helping to plant the
bombs inside the Hotel. We have proof and information on the same.
When Rajapaksa met Hendawitharana he was a man in-charge of Logistics
he had no knowledge of Intelligence. Rajapaksa gave him so much power.
His CV speaks of his past and it goes back to the Millennium City armory.
This armory was later put over to the LLRP. The weapons that were found
had more power than required for LLRP and the exact target was not
When Hendawitharana was Director Military Intelligence he had lot of
connections with the RAW. Therefore logically thinking before everyone
else he should get the information. He never took any interest to protect the
Hotel he relaxed everything giving all opportunity for ZAHARAN to act as
he wished.
In addition to Hendawitharana Hotel had a Security Director named Malaka
son of the Sister of Mahinda and Gotabaya. Malaka was an explosive
expert attached to a Singapore company. This gives an explanation how
the explosives came into the Hotel. Both of them were not in Sri Lanka
when the explosions happened
These explosions were a meticulously planned operation to bring
Rajapaksa back in to power by the people who were interested to take the
country into their hands and loot all things possible.

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