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Performances of the Rajapaksa family

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By the time it is revealed to the country that the Sinhalese Buddhist

nation, which was elated by the war victory achieved by defeating the

LTTE terrorists, had been turned into a bull and the father of this

nation had destroyed, the economy to be collapsed. By the time people

realize that pator’s wife and children are crooks who have gone beyond

the pator, everything is over.

This vulgar Rajapaksa family who defrauded the public property of this

country is still doing well. The bastards father has been punished by

the nature and has been allowed to live with a urine bag. But the

bragging of this bastard’s children is not over yet.

But the sinner named Namal Rajapaksa appears before the society as a

political figure fallen from the sky. However behind this family’s

becoming rich in this country is stealing the country’s resources is

not a miracle of God. The members of this family have a wonderful

ability to lie. It is the talent of this vulgar family to assert their

power by lying without any embarrassment. When they see if something

is screwing themselves up, the trump card these bastards use is to say

that it was their great father who saved the country.

However, since 2005, this poor family has acquired a huge amount of

land by looting public property. The property list can be stated as


Shiranthi Wickramasinghe Rajapaksa

Gampaha District

Horagahakanda Millagahawatta

Upper Yagoda, Siane Korale Medapaththuwa

2 roods, 0.2 perches (80 perches)

Shiranthi Wickramasinghe Rajapaksa

Gampaha Horagahawatta, Millagahawatta

2 roods and 15 perches (95 perches)

Yoshita Kanishka Rajapaksa

Liyanaparangia Estate, Kongahawatta Millagawatta

Perches 18

Shiranthi Wickramasinghe Rajapaksa

Horagawatta, Meegahawatta

Perches 17

Mahinda Rajapakse Sports Foundation

Gampaha Galagodawatta, and Meeghawatta

Rood 2 Perches 28

Daisy Forrest

Galle Road, Mountlavania

1 Rood and 19 perches

Daisy Forest

Galle Road, Mountlavania

Perche 10

Daisy Forest

Kawdana Road


Rood 1 Perch 10

Daisy Forest

Galle Road


Rood 1 perch 1

Daisy Forest

Galle Road


Rood 1 perch 27

Daisy Forest

Galle Road


Perches 19

Daisy Forest

Palm tree


Perches 12

Daisy Forest

Saman Mawatha


Perches 34

Shiranthi Wickramasinghe Rajapaksa

Torrington Ave

Colombo 7

House No. 206/17

Deed value 35 million rupees

Namal Rajapakse

Gowers Corporation

Colombo 5

Namal Rajapakse

Hambantota District

Saliapura Siribopura Forest

Rupees 1.6 million worth of land

Namal Rajapakse

Hambantota Mawadana Siambalakotuwa

Siyambala Estate land worth 2 million rupees

Block of land worth 1.7 million rupees

The deed number 1375 is the land worth 1.6 million

Namal Rajapakse

Temple Trees


Rupees 16 million investment for the years 2013/2014

Namal Rajapakse

Temples Trees

Rupees 24 million investment by Sampath Bank in 2013/2014

Namal Rajapakse

Temple Tree House

Rupees 14 million in 2013/2014 stock market investmentment

Namal Rajapakse

Temple Trees

Rupees 100 million worth of Hellocop purchase in 2013

Namal Rajapakse

Purchase of shares in Tangalle Bay Hotel worth Rs.5 million

Namal Rajapakse

Temple Trees

Rupees 157 million deposit in Pan Asia Bank

Yoshita Rajapaksa

No. 175/2

Mihindu Mawatha, Dehiwala

Perches 27.6

Rupees 4.9 million worth

Yoshita Rajapaksa



Deed No. 4129

Rupees 1.6 million worth


Malwana house and land

Rupees 225 million worth

No owner

Gampaha Oruthota land

Rupees 100 million worth

Matara Browns Hill Land

Rupees 54 million worth

Namal Rajapakse

Carlton Sports Club

Racing cars 19

Value is Rupees 93 million

According to this document, Namal Rajapaksa and Yoshita Rajapaksa were

under thirty years of age when the said property was acquired.

Namal Rajapaksa was a Member of Parliament for a very short time and

Yoshita Rajapaksa was an officer in the Navy. It is needless to say

that they are not entitled to earn enough to buy so much property in

those professions. Shiranthi Wickramasinghe Rajapaksa is also not a

person who was employed. The political history of this country does

not say a political family that looted public property on such a large


Descended from a cattle herder named Martin Rajapaksa, the bungalow in

the middle of this horrendous family is not a property inherited by

these thugs. Martin Rajapaksa, a cattle herder, moved to Medamulana

Bungalow and became the watchman of the bungalow under its owner. It

is said that Martin Rajapakse took over the ownership of the property

after the owner of the bungalow died.

Martin Rajapakse has been able to get an Arachchi post by giving his

wife as a mortgage to the Malay village heads who comes from

Hambantota on duty to Medamulana. It is said that the children of

Martin Rajapaksa have the genes of these Malay ancestors. founders.

The Tangalle Carlton house is also a property fraudulently acquired by

Mahinda Rajapaksa. The genes of this criminal family are full of

savage, fraud and theft..

We are saddened that those who still worship these insolent bastards

have no shame.

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