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Telecom Chairman Rogue Rohan Fernando out – Stole crores of money to America but the hired writers are in a mission to make him a national hero.

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Sri Lanka’s famous very corrupted Rajapaksha’s favourite pet, Roshan Fernando was immediately fired from the position of chairman today.

He recently has stolen more than 100 million from his wife’s Varuni Amunugama’s try-ad to change the telecom brand.

According to a CID report brought by President Ranil Wickramasinghe from the state intelligence department it was revealed that he is a very seriously corrupted person. Moreover, he is a third who spent 4 crores on the renovation of his office. Even though the President Gotabhaya tried to drive him out, he was not able to do it as Roshan pumped money for the Viyath Maga. 

The board room and the 60 inch television which was built by the 2 crores of the people.

As soon as the Yahapalana government came to power in 2015, the FCID started an investigation against him. While the investigation regarding small tea estates where he committed a theft of 10 crores, the Yahapalana government was thrown and Gota came to power. When Gota came into the power, he immediately removed Roshan from all the cases.

For the newspaper writers who apply white chalk over these kinds of corrupters with such histories.. the people of the country will curse you which will affect you or your children. This thief named Roshan Fernando is a rogue who took a commission even from the tea cup and rice packet of the innocent telecom workers. The paper writers who apply white chalk on him doesn’t know that he is building a huge hotel near Welikada with the money he stole from the telecom company which was received to popularize 4G technology in Sri Lanka.

In the same way he is cunning man who tried to sell the Telecom company to China together with Gota. The stories where he was thrown out because of Ranil’s sale can be believed by the laundry people who write news for money in Sri Lanka. 

It is because they are a part of the exploitation of people’s money that they run such advertisements in their newspapers and web pages. No further explanation is needed to tell about the corruption of Roshan Fernando, who paid 800 lakhs of the country’s money to buy a range rover. The employees questioned about the 800 lakhs which was from the reload money of the people. 

This corrupt person was swindling people’s money with the black money he earned by providing advocates (advertisements) for his wife’s family. We thank Ranil Wickramasinghe along with the people of the country for having the courage to chase away even one dog who was having fun stealing people’s money. 

We remind the people who claims to be the media stars, who writes very responsibly to leave aside his gossip and tell the truth to the people without asking a share of the money they are stealing from the people of the country.

If not you will also have to face the consequences.

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