Wimal Weerawansa remanded for stealing 9 million rupees. He claims to be a patriot and is a minister of the people’s tax money. He had also given his relatives the same luxuries. Wimal Weerawansa, who has been remanded on a charge of criminal misappropriation of state property under the Public Property Act of 1982, has been remanded again until 20th February by Fort Chief Magistrate Ms. Lanaka Jayaratne. Weerawansa is a patriot who has stolen Rs. 9 million.

At the time, the Ministry of Housing and Construction had distributed state-of-the-art luxury vehicles such as the Montero jeeps, Isuzu cabs and Toyota cabs among his family members. All of these luxury vehicles have unlimited fuel. Moreover, the maintenance of government drivers and vehicles is entirely at the expense of the government.
These people who are stealing the tax money of the people should be labeled as traitors. The public should recognize the politicians who have stolen billions of dollars that could have been spent on the welfare of the people and the ministers who are already stealing. The people have to face this happiness as long as such criminals are sent to Parliament.


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