News comes to us from city of Hague which would run Military Nandasena’smouth dry. The report states that the life of journalist Lasantha Wickrematunge, who was brutally murdered during the tenure of Military Nandasena as Secretary of Defence, will begin to breathe again on November 2, 2021, between 9am and 6pm Central European time.

As Lasantha breathes again in The Hague, the whole world will hear about how the Military Nandasena’s hounds brutally killed him. But then President Military Nandasena and his obedient Major General Saleh will not be able to stop Lasantha’s voice. If Military Nandasena and his lap dogs want, they can listen to breathing of Lasantha. That’s all they can do.

Military Nandasena can not send white vans to kid-nap one or two of the members of the organizations that will raise Lasantha in The Hague nor search for their mother and father’s information’s.

That’s it !

The event in The Hague on that day will be organized by members of the Security Council of the International Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). The group is also affiliated with Free Press Limited, Reporters Without Borders.

According to them, violence against journalists is on the rise around the world, as do their punishments. Did you know? like. Although 1,400 journalists have been killed around the world since 1992, eight out of ten murderers of these heinous crimes are still at large. Like Military Nandasena who instructed Lasantha’sassassination.


Military Nandasena had taken a photo of his granddaughter in the US yesterday and posted it on the internet. My goshthe loving smile of Military Nandasena in that photo. The proud smile of a grandfather. But I do not know how Lasantha’sdaughter felt when she saw this photo. She can never get her children on to the lap of their grandfather! So we think Lasantha’s daughter’s heart is questioning Military Nandasena like this.

“… killer dog, you killed my father! Do you have a conscience devil? Do you really have a conscience?” If that granddaughter you’re holding come to know that you are a murderer, she’ll never come to your lap let alone hug you. Come on, killer dog, I know you’re dead though you are alive, but my dad will always be smiling & live. 

We should be surprised if Lasantha’s daughter does not think like that about Military Nandasena.

It should be noted that it is not only Lasantha who would breath on November 2ndat Hague. The lives of two journalists from two other countries who were brutally murdered like Lasantha are also being revived. They are the two journalists named Miguel Lopez Velesco of Mexico and Nabil Al  Sherbaji of Syria.

On that day there will be a call to convene a permanent tribunal to inquire into the killings of these journalists. The indictments will be against Sri Lanka, Mexico and Syria.

The prosecution in this open trial will be led by an internationally renowned human rights lawyer Almu Denā BerthabeauAt the same time, Baroness Kennedy, a member of the world’s most respected panel of legal experts, will make a   lecture on media freedom.

Anyone can join the trial on the above date by sending an email to [email protected].

Alternatively you can watch this trial live via

Lasantha was killed using a weapon which is used to kill animals. This is so beastly. The two motorcycles which were used by the murderers of Lasanthawere stolen ones. However, two more innocents were abducted in Vavuniya and shot dead by Miltery Nandasena’s hunting dogs and burnt in GammiriswewaAnuradhapura in order to put the blame on LTTE.

That’s how the owners of those two motorcycles are killed. Both are Tamils ​​who have no connection with the LTTE. It was DIG Prasanna Nanayakkara and SP Hemantha Adhikari who were investigating Lasantha’s murder who tried to blame Lasantha’s murder on the LTTE. It was Senior SP Hemantha who threatensthe OIC of the Mount Lavinia Police Crime Unit at the time of the murder, Police Inspector Sugathapalato stop the investigations into the murder of Lasantha.

In addition to Military Nandasena’s hunting dogs being involved in Lasantha’smurder, the two former police chiefs of those days and the former IGP were also directly involved in covering it up after the murder. 

Most of the journalists in this country are not bothered of the brutal killing of a former senior member of their herd.

It doesn’t matter to them.

Anyway, those who claim to be journalists in this country are with gel in their backbone!

Most have vertebrae which bend in all directions. Also, they are so scared of their lives. Because of that life fear, they write praises about military Nandasena today.When a man is brutally murdered in the country of his birth and the murder is not justified, we think that another group of people who love human life will teach a lesson about humanity to those who have knowledge and understanding in our country by standing up for the other who was brutally murdered.

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