Mahinda Rajapaksa, who took the political leadership to put an end to the brutal terrorism that terrorized the country and killed innocent lives, once again launched a terror in the country. Pirabaharan’s terror was eliminated in 2009. People united in one mind to end the terror of Mahinda in 2015 The people saw who should oppose Mahinda and who should be president of the country. Investigations are underway into the killing of 10 students from the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim universities.

It was during his time that he knew very strongly that people wanted to live in freedom no matter what. President Maithripala Sirisena, who risked his life against Rajapaksa rule, went all over Sri Lanka and said that the Rajapaksas’ law of terror is being brought before them. But now Maithripala is in bed with the assassins. It is Ranil who blames Ranil for not arresting the assassins of the Rajapaksa regime. But it didn’t take long for the masses to know that the murderers were behind them. The most recent incident was the murder of former Navy Commander Wasantha Karannagoda. When questioned by a prominent assassin, Navy Saman alias Sampath Munasinghe, the names of Wasantha Karannagoda, former Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and the present Navy Commander Ravindra Wijegunawardena were also mentioned.

They worked diligently to prevent Karannagoda being arrested. Infections President Sirisena met current Commander is a clear spot, arrested criminals, including prevention Karandagoda President obstructed the investigation on behalf of the Department of siṭī.aparādhaparīkṣaṇa entourage that criminals now clearly false information about the abduction of children, have been used President immunity Maithripala Full Risēna said dimple cloth amid governance law.

Good governance citizen.

– Unknown

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