Mandatory Credit: Photo by M A Pushpa Kumara/EPA/Shutterstock (8987906e) A group of war disabled Sri Lankan retired soldier sit on the road during a protest demanding their pension and other issues be rectified, opposite the Presidential secretariat in Colombo, Sri Lanka 08 August 2017. The protesters have put forward several demands which include the holding of the annual Victory Day parade to commemorate the end of the war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) terrorist group, and for the amount deducted by the Pensions Department in February 2017 to be repaid. Diasabled soldiers protest, Colombo, Sri Lanka - 08 Aug 2017

March 1, 2020

The people of the country will not hesitate to bow down or salute the war heroes.Who died in the war and all those who lost their limbs in the war after 30 years of war.


But of course there are many who know that these are the heroes today. Fearing that the Rajapaksha would be offended by trying to speak up. He wen to the United States to be addmitted to a hospital after being legally declared a ” manic patient” by the Army, which has won the hearts of the people .  He was also granted  bail in criminal  cases in courts . (All cases dismissed the day after the presidents immunity). But the  Rajapaksha are the warriors of nation. They are hiding under the rug

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