Udayanga Weeratunga, the mastermind of the MIG transaction arrested……………?


arrived to the katunayake airport this morning.Udayanga had already left the bandaranayaka airport with the security of six presidental security ho had been provide with warrants for his arrest.

Right now udayanga weeratunaga is now making a statement with the private advice of the  director  of CID director of the police thilakaratne.He have been cheif security office of mahinda rajapaksha for 11 years.

The rajapaksha family  , who knows the big lakhs of rupees are fisherman, have stolen billions of rupees and robbed srilanka into poverty. IN 2015, Ranil wicramisingha claimed that he had  robbed maithri government and had  robbed the ja tam money.

Gotabhaya  choose to defend the country but he is also doing his best to make the case for all his family’s robbers cases before the country even presidents vehicles escort by president gotabhaya’s personal bodyguard, arrived at the presidents house in front.

The Udayanga weeratunaga MIG was fully involved in the deal with more than us $ 120 million worth of new 19 year-old aircraft purchased by the government of Ukraine through a  through a company designed by Gotabhaya to replace modern MIGS ordered.Udayanga weeratunaga is making  a CID statement at the president’s house he is scheduled to appear in court today and got  everything bailed out.

-lashini 29

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