If the IGP has carried out the law with the backbone, there will be many in the Parliament now.

*** Press Release …….. Attention Brothers ……………. !! ***


The fact that we have pointed out that the Honourable Court has upheld the Passover attack beyond the role of the IGP clearly shows why.

We are well aware that the politics of the country are not the ones responsible for the very deplorable situation that the Police Department is in right now. The Mahajanya Police are all the more frustrated and hostile today. That hatred and frustration of the people is very justifiable. This is due to the police cracking down on the well-being of the high officials or the needs of their families.

The fact that the police officers who do not listen to the demands of their officer are doing so in the voice of the politician has caused the entire police service to collapse.

It is not necessary to say that Mahinda Balasuriya and Victor Perera were the policemen of the ruler because they are all well-known secrets. Similarly, despite all the criticism of the IGP Pujitha Jayasundara, we have acted in our behalf as Balasuriya had betrayed the police and was not greedy for Maithree’s ambassador’s carrot.

One thing is clear: If the policemen who are the IGP are kneeling down next to the miserable politician and you are trying to take them to Welikada, we do not know what is the status of another IGP. If the IGP Pujitha Jayasundara had worked tirelessly without the law, he would not have been greeted by Gotabhaya after 52 days and Maithripala would not have done so.

It was only after we had thoroughly exposed that the IGP had taken the IGP directly to court that it had been reported as a funeral. If the current IGP was so lukewarm, he would not be able to put up with anything.

All of this is very well done when we look abroad and are deeply disturbed by the fact that our IGP is following the Member of the Pradeshiya Sabha.

Whatever it is that you, together with the police as a whole, are obliged to disobey the order regardless of the order. Then no one else will give you any contrary orders.

This is why we have set up the International Organization for the Protection of Police from Sri Lanka. We demand that the law from the IGP be done honestly and honestly.

Thank you,

Organization of Ioadstep
From the British.


– Lashini 29

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