Azad Sally Sirisena’s amygdala unleashed at parliamentary Select Committee


The April Easter bombshell has left people who have been sleep-deprived for 30 years in a state of shock.
Also, the Maithripala President is very angry with the government as it has exposed all the information that was hidden to the public before and after the bombings.




It is very clear that the people and security forces are looking at Sally from the wrong angle. If Assad had done the raid on the information that Sally had given to the Rajapaksas many years ago, we would have saved the life of the April 21st.

But it is a very sad state of affairs that neither the Rajapaksas, nor the good governance Ranil-Maithri couple who come to power, at least listen to Azad Salley.

Asad Sally is very well aware of the fact that he has been to Asia for many years and whether Nosenem Wenth had any outside force.


– Lashini 29

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